Avante Yoga Instructors

Yoga Instructors

Every yoga instructor on our team takes on different approaches to lessons, allowing us to satisfy our diverse client base. Rest assured that lessons will be specifically tailored to your needs.

rui yun

Rui Yun teaches Slimming Yoga. She loves a seamless mix of flow classes and arm balances.

Outside of yoga , she's a coffee lover, loves solo travels and a good read!

Yong Sheng (YS)

Yong Sheng specialises in Hatha Yoga and has been an avid practictioner and trainer since 2018. She is a registered Yoga Teacher Certification (RYT) from a Yoga Alliance (YA).


Alyssa is a certified 200 hour Yoga Teaching Training Certification (YTTC) and has been teaching at Avante Group since 2020. She teaches yoga flow, weight loss & detox hot yoga.

Besides yoga, she enjoys bouldering, and is also a singer who used to perform opera!


Beyond the mat, Tran enjoys her own time at the favourite café, strolling alone in the park and immersing herself in familiar music.


Trudy has been teaching yoga since 2017. She has obtained the 300 hours YTTC certificate with Aligned Yoga School, graduating in 2020. She teaches Yoga Stress Relief, Yoga Flow, Backbend, Yoga Pilates.

She enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures and meet people.


Jessie has been teaching yoga since 2004, with over 19 years of experience in teaching of Aerial yoga & Aerobics exercise like Zumba, Tabata & Belly Dance.

She loves Zumba because through music she establishes good communication with others!


Lina teaches Yoga Therapy, Hip Opening and Hatha Basics.

Her favourite yoga pose is Pincha Mayurasana. She enjoys movement of all kinds, from Vinyasa Yoga, to swimming, to speed walking, to keep her calm and grounded.


Celyn teaches Slimming Yoga, Yoga Stretch and Yoga Therapy. She enjoys doing therapy sessions for students and feeling satisfied when they’re getting better and more flexible each time.

Besides yoga, she also works as a music instructor, classical choral pianist, and also a children pop-songwriter.


Raina teaches Hatha yoga, Hip and Shoulder Opening, and Yoga Therapy.

She loves to use stretch bands while she practices yoga to strengthen her bones and muscles.
Meditation is her core which holds her together and helps her to always have a smile!


Yogasanas practice is like a game to Gary, where every session is a different discovery of what his body is able to do. His favourite Asana is Sirsanasa, headstand. Being inverted helps him to see this upside down world with clarity.


⁠Other than Yoga and gymming, she also practices Kalaripayattu, which is a traditional Indian martial art form.

She is also a social media addict like any other Gen Z, and is a freelance social media manager.