Hatha Basics

Hatha Basics is a class that you will get a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures. Hatha is most often used to describe gentle, basic yoga classes that emphasize static postures compared to styles with more movement or flow,helps greatly in stress relief.

Aerial Basic

Aerial yoga uses a silk hammock or sling that is suspended from the ceiling to perform yoga.This is our basic class that allows us to Improve flexibility and stability through balancing on the hammock. A kind of new-age yoga that everyone should try.

Weight loss & detox hot yoga

Targets fat burn, building muscle tone & improve overall fitness. With the integration of the infrared heaters it increases detoxification (cleansing) and reduced injuries due to the greater flexibility of the body in a hot environment.

Upper Body Yoga Therapy

This class addresses pressure and compression in the head, neck, shoulders, and mid-back. Exercises enhance mobility, strength, and flexibility, aiding symptom management and restoring balance.

Lower Body yoga therapy

Lower Body Therapy targets tension in the lower back, hips, knees, and feet. Exercises enhance mobility, strength, and flexibility, aiding symptom management and restoring balance.

Yin Yoga

Join our Yin Yoga class to relax your body, release your tension and rejuvenate your energy. Yin Yoga uses props to maintain balance in your body, while stimulating and relaxing it. This class will eliminate your fatigue and stress that results from daily activities.

Yoga Pilates

An original workout combining Pilates poses with yoga breathing, designed to develop the core by strengthening your abs, lower back, glutes and thighs.

Backbend Therapy

Backbends help bring your body back into balance. Backbends strengthen your back, shoulders, chest, and hips. They lengthen your spine, increase flexibility, and improve mobility, which helps promote good posture. Plus, create balance through posture, breathing and meditation techniques. Trigger the relaxation response — the antidote to your body's stress response and also help relieve tension, tightness, and pain.

Yoga stretch & hip mobility

Stretching the hips and hip flexors supports the psoas, and therefore the lower back. This yoga hip deep stretches can decrease tightness, relieve aches, increase the overall mobility in your hips, and, if done often enough, elevate your yoga practice.

Core Yoga

An often-overlooked benefit of the physical practice of yoga (the poses) is an improvement in core strength and stability. There are so many benefits to having a strong core – better posture, improvement in back pain, heavier lifts in the gym, better sports performance

Core Blast

Core blast designed to target and strengthen the core muscles including the abdominals, lower back and stabilizing muscles